Tailgate Up Or Down For Better Gas Milage


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Tailgate Up Or Down For Better Gas Milage

Have 03' Chevrolet, Tailgate Up Or Down For Better Gas Milage
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Down, although the savings are not really very significant.
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Check with your local laws, I think driving with the tailgate down is not allowed everywhere.
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I agree with towguy.
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Actually, driving with the tailgate up gives you better gas mileage. When the tailgate is up, there is a pocket of air, like a vortex, that forms right behind the cab of the truck. This pocket of air acts like a windshield and pushes the air over the truck bed. With the tailgate down, the pocket of air does not form so the air that is moving over the truck goes down into the bed and creates drag.
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make sure your truck is not one of the ones recalled for faulty tailgate cable snapping out of the blue before you drive with tailgate down though.
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if you've ever watched the discovery channels, the mythbusters show, they did a experiment on it, tailgate down ran out of gas way before tailgate up. what keifer said is pretty much what they showed.
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Louisiana law states that you can have your tailgate in the down position if and only there isn't anything inside the bed of the vehicle, not sure on other states.
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One other thing to think about is the bed sidewalls. The tailgate supports them when it is up. When down, the walls have no support in the rear and are subject to wobbling. Bet even the best warranty doesn't cover if suddenly your tailgate WON'T close due to bent sidewalls. Just something to think about.
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To follow up on majakdragons post - I'm sure you have seen the old over worked pickups with the spraddled out sides of the bed. You would probably have to use a come along just to get the gate to latch.

Also how many times have you seen a tailgate bent in the middle where someones backed into something with the gate down?

I'm all for saving fuel [I've got a 360cid 4x4] but I don't believe there would be enough savings [if any] to compensate for what could go wrong.
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I missed that episode of Mythbusters V8; I stand corrected (mark this day on your calendars!!! )

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