RV Floor Rotting


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RV Floor Rotting

I have a 2003 Mallard 30N. The floor at the front door has rotted and the vinyl discolor is spreading along the wall on each side of the door. My question is were can I find information or any photos or prints of how this trailer floor build to get an idea of steps to take toward repairing. Oh yea walls and ceiling shows no evidence of a leak (bowing or sagging).
Thanks Bob

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if it is a 2003 than i would start at the dealer or manufacure it should not be rotting thay may have known isues with this
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rv floor

Yes Sir Doc,

I agree with you and have done so. Dealer has a bad reputation and I have talked via e-mail a rep. at the factory inwhich the trailer was made, all the rep. told me I can bring it to them and they can try help me find the source of the leak. That trip is 5 hours away if there is no traffic delays.

I really appreciate your responce, Bob
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I'd pull out the vinyl inserts that surround the door frame, (on outside) and you will expose the screws that hold the door, frame and all, to the trailer. Check that they are all tight, especially near the top, where I suspect your leak started. (water coming in the top, and running down the side, inside, to the floor level, and spreading out from there.) When you tighten them, putty will probably ooze out a little. Trim off excess putty with a piece of plastic, so you don't scratch siding, and take a rag with varsol or similar, and wipe putty smooth, clean & neat. (NOTICE : !! Before you start, look for holes or small gaps in the putty, at the top & sides. Now buy some "Storm King" (clear, runny, adhesive silicone) and run a bead of that across the top of the door & on top of the putty, and keep applying down around sides, to the bottom. That should seal it, if it isn't really bad. As far as the floor goes, it is usually just 5/8"-3/4" plywood (partical board) & screwed down. If your thinking of cutting it out, just cut the linoleum back, and use a skill saw with blade set at 1/2" deep to start & increase depth a little at a time and cut out a small square for test. Once you cut through, you have the thickness for sure. Usually self drillers are used to hold plywood to cross braces, so cut between the rows of screws where it's fastened. I can get into more details if your thinking of trying it yourself, and I could possibly get you a factory print of floor if it will help, but it might take a day or 2. If your curious, and trailer is inside out of the weather, take all screws out of door frame & trim off inside, and pull the door right out. ( 1 hr. job max, if your handy at all.)

Let me know what your thinking, and I'll do what I can. Mike.B

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