RV batteries


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RV batteries

how long should an RV battery last, not by charge, but in number of years, mine is only about 1+ yr old, and its dead, I remember seeing something in one of the RV mags that if you were to have it connected to shore power for a long period of time to unhook your battery, well I did have it pluged IN at a campground for about 4 months, could this have killed the Batt, there was no warranty after 1 yr and I need a new one, any recomendations on what or whatNOT to get...thanks
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depending climat is a big factor
cold will kill abattery real fast
i always buy the best amp of a marine battery for my rv
last longer
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You said there was not warrenty left after 1 yr. Battery manufacturers are very good at guessing how long their product will last. Anything beyond the warrenty period is gravy. You can speed up the process of your batteries ultimate demise by allowing the fluid levels to get too low, completely draining the battery, letting it get too hot or cold, ect.
Anyway what not to get is easy. If it sounds like too good of a deal it almost surely is. Batteries are expensive to make to begin with. The thicker and sturdier the plates inside the better ones, makes them last longer and the more expensive. The good point of this is they are also heavier! And this makes cheapo batts easy to spot. If I am looking at two of the same type, size, voltage, ect. (excluding price and warrenty) I will buy the heavier battery. When it comes to batteries its pretty much that easy to spot the higher quality product. 2 group 27's side by side, the heavier one will have the thicker heavier plates you want.
Beyond that its life expectancy is a combination of inital quality and your skill in maintaining it, and caring for it. Batteries that are overcharged, exposed to extreames in temp, low fluid levels, completely discharged (below about 10.5 vdc for most deep cycle batts), ect will expire quicker. I see good batteries lost early to poor maintenace and abuse on a regular basis. Most common being improper fluid levels.
If you arent afraid to double your inital cash outlay you can get AGM batteries. Same capacity, about twice the cost, last alot longer, and maintenace free! ( meaning you dont check or add water but be sure to check the battery connections every couple months and clean them about once a yr) These have the longest life and lowest maintenance time of the main batteries used in Rv's. depends on what is most important to you.
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A couple of things to look at as well. In that situation where the rig is plugged in for that long, you have to look at the quality and capabilities of our convertor/charger. Ensure that it is a 3 stage charger. If it is not the charger will be supplying a very high current constantly which will end up boiling your batteries.

If the batteries are not maintenance free, you have to check the water levels on a regular basis. Once the water boils off it doesn't take long to destroy the cells.

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