Mice problems


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Mice problems

It is early for this but what does anyone else do about mice in their RV's while parked, especially in the winter? A friend had his Adventurer's brake system and much of the electrical eaten away. I just have wintering rodents making themselves at home inside. We have trapped, used smelly stuff, poisons.
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Parking RV on concrete rather than on grass tends to help minimize rodent problems during winter. It is recommended that RV be inspected every week or so and started. This tends to minimize the number of rodents who want to establish nests on motors and other parts and their associated damage. (Chewed wires can result in an electrical fire.)

Because most mice tend to enter RV by gaining access by climbing up tires, storing RV tireless may be a solution. Some classic car owners park cars on large sheets of plastic which they pull up and tape to non-painted surfaces to prevent access through bottom of vehicle and mice infestation.

Sealing all cracks, crevices, and openings beneath RV may help exclude mice. Sometimes, however, it is impossible to discover all entries.

Baits and poisons are not recommended for indoors of RV because a dead rodent inside walls or other inaccessible area tends to cause odor problems. Store RV clean and remove all food before winter. Once mice are discovered, set traps. Setting traps before observing signs of mice may result in baits attracting mice.
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Mice response

Thanks, twelvepole, you've given me several good ideas.
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Here's something you can try. I've never done myself but there are those who swear by it.

Spread a few Bounce dryer sheets throughout the trailer/rv. Supposedly they will repel the little critters.

They also say some mailmen put those in their pockets to ward off mosquitos in the summer months.

Hope this helps
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My mother used to put moth balls in our vehicles that got infested. If you can stand the smell.
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Bounce sheets work well guaranteed.... we have a trailer that is parked all year at a conservation area, so there are lots of mice. The first year we camped we caught 5, after putting the (regular scent) bounce sheets throughout the trailer we have not had any more problems. Place them under cushions, under sink, pantry, I even hang one from the roof vent handles. Seal off any areas where they can get in, I stuffed steel wool around pipes going in and out of the RV even the vent above my stove I had a mouse in my oven believe it or not. Remember to remove from outside oven vent though before using in the spring.
If you use mothballs remember they are not healthy for pets to inhale the smell. Use a margarine container, cut out holes in the lid then place in several mothballs, put on the lid, rather than the mothballs touching the actual interior the smell will not stay in the RV come spring. I also scattered a few moth balls loosly underneath, usually come spring they disintigrade. Remember to keep grass short in the fall, and also to keep all food sources in covered containers, e.g Tupperware, glass jars etc. Place toaster etc in plastic totes during winter months.

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