Aerolite Cub hybrid camper-foldout bunk issue


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Aerolite Cub hybrid camper-foldout bunk issue

I hope someone can offer some inexpensive tips here. We have a 1999 Aerolite Cub hybrid camper (small travel trailer with foldout bunks similar to pop-up).

The bunk at the hitch end is, when closed up, not a vertical wall, but angled back to the roof. This design creates a rain runoff issue where the water flows down to where the hinge for the bunk is. I had the area protected from water leak, but I'd apprecaite tips on good caulk/sealer to protect it each year.

Any ideas. Thanks!

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i would pull the cushion out and look close from both sides you may be able to go to the lumber yard and replace just the wood it probobly just screws in around the edges when removing try jot to brake the original so you can trace shape on new wood or make a cardbord patern before removing itmay not be as bad to do as you think
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Thanks, will look into that. One thing I failed to mention is that the bunk is laminated (?) on one side with the exterior facade or whatever you want to call it. So on the outside it's finished with the exterior finish, and inside it has the cushion attached. Remember, this is a foldout bunk so once it folds up it looks like the rest of the camper looks. But I will look closely to see if current piece can be slipped back into place under/behind the hinge to hide the swollen damaged edge. And if I can prevent further sagging, it will stay in place. Maybe I'll try to caulk or something too. The manufacturer should have done something better about that, to prevent the water seeping in. So hard to explain but I think you got the gyst.

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