My 1971 Camper Restoration - Summer Project

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Here is my summer project that I have just completed...well a couple small items repairing the ice box door where my son had set the lantern in the floor and had it to close to the door.

July 6, 2006

This was my 1971 Lee camper that I bought 3 years ago from my brother in law. He bought it from someone in Ohio 5 years ago. That person was a Nascar fan...that is why it is blue and red. It also had a 43 on the back.

Here is the picture before.

Camper at camp site (before the renovation)

Here are updated pictures of my camper since I have painted it. I did this in two days with 12 cans of "Hunter Green" and 2 cans of the "Walnut". The Krylon paint can handle/sprayer was a life safer!!

Side of Camper

Side of Camper (Door)

Front of Camper

The colors are "Hunter Green" and "Walnut".

Right now I am working on the insides. Got to get some new paneling and linoleum. I really don't need to replace the linoleum, but I want to give it a fresh look. The paneling in the back needs replaced cause the roof leaked where the wall and ceiling join together. The outside molding caulk was the old original gray putty like tape, and it had dried up and cracked. I have bought 3 tubes of GE Silicone I 100% pure silicone to redo the seams around the outside molding.

I worked on the heater and got it all cleaned out. The first year I got it we couldn't keep the furnace burning. After pulling the burner out of the firebox I know why. I had to empty the Scorpion Dirt Devil 4 times!

I am still looking for a 10 or 20 gallon water tank for it. Someone took the water tank out of the camper. The fill line hose is still there and the faucet pump line is still there. I am also looking for the metal brackets that hold the table to the wall and the ones that mount to the table. Not that I need them, but I thought I might mount them on the side of the camper where the door is, so I can put a table out there. I can use the original table as a pattern and make a second table for the outside.


July 21, 2006

Just an update...I have completed sealing the seams on the roof with 100% silicone. I have removed the cabinet doors and painted the doors walnut.

Went to Lowes last weekend and bought 4 sheets of paneling and 2 boxes of self adhesive tile. Bought screws to secure the paneling to the walls along with 2 tubes of panel adhesive.

Spent some of the evening after the sun went down getting measurements and laying it out on paper. Will try and take some digital pictures of the interior before I get started and then take some after I am done.

Got a lot still to do and bow season is fast approaching!! But I think I will have it done. At least the back where the seam leak was the worst.


August 1, 2006

More of an update on the camper...sorry I didn't get any pictures before the paneling went up but take my word for it, it was nasty. The paneling had been painted white and where it had leaked there was mold and mildew down the wall from the cabinet to the floor. I had to rebuild the bottom of the cabinet...the wood had just rotted. But all is well now and solid.

Here is a picture, but of course I haven't finished yet. In the picture you will notice that the cabinet under the sink is still white...since this picture I have gotten all the walls repaneled except the very front wall. Gotta make another run to Lowes and get one more sheet and the paneling will be done. Then all that is left is for the linolum tile to go down and for my wife to make the curtains. Bought the material (deer in the woods material) from Wal-Mart and my wife has already cut the curtains but needs to sew them.

Here is the picture:


August 3, 2006

Okay...finally I have completed all the work...well maybe not all the work. I still have to repair the ice box door where my son set a lantern to close to it and melted the cover and put in a standup gun rack. But all in all it is DONE!!

Here are the photos:

The curtains are a deer pattern from Wal-Mart. I am going to get some Mossy Oak Breakup material from Wal-Mart and do the cushions...well my wife is going to do the cushions. I will have to get a piece of foam about 18 inches tall, 4 inches thick and about 72 inches long for a back rest cushion on the back bench. I already have the original seat cushion, but it needs covering badly!

I made the cover for the sink last night so I could have additional counter space when not needing to use the sink.

But I am pretty proud of the work since it is the first time I attempted it.
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My hats off to you nicely restored...
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Well I know you guys are thinking, "Is he ever going to be done?" As of yesterday I have finished all work on the inside and the only thing left is a new regulator and rubber gas line hose and she is ready to go back to camp. Well the cushions are covered yet, but I can live with them like they are. My wife and I covered the old back cushion Saturday and it didn't look to bad.

Here are the last pictures of the camper taken yesterday afternoon. You will see the gun rack that I built in these photos.

Standing at the door looking in:

Standing at the door looking in at the sink, stove and icebox (remember the icebox was damaged 2 years ago when my son set a lantern in the floor and melted the plactic brown covering):

Standing at the door looking in with the 110 AC light on:

Standing at the table looking back at the back bunk with the cushion my wife and I sewed:

Another view of the back:

Another view of the back with curtains open:

Standing at the stove looking towards the door:

Sink and stove area:

Setting on the back bunk looking at the gun rack:

Setting on the back bunk looking towards the front:

I set down and tallied up the total cost for this restoration...unless I missed some items, which I may have...the total cost as of today has been $339 for this renovation. With the regulator and rubber gas line still needed I figure it will have cost me about $375 to renovate this old camper.

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