1999 Ford F350, Triton V10: Losing Power


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1999 Ford F350, Triton V10: Losing Power

It's been a great truck, never had any problems...until now

I have ran this work in my land surveying business almost daily. It now has about 130,000 miles. Recently, when pulling a trailer I have noticed a significant loss of power. Comparitively, It has lost maybe 20% power compared with last year.

Is it age? miles? or something else? Where should I start looking?
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would probably start with a fuel filter if no improvement and the engine isnt missing, would probably have the exhuast checked for a restriction and fuel pressure tested while the vehicle is under a load.
if it is running rough or missing occasionaly and the check engine light is on would start by reading codes and possibly see about a tune up or whatever else it may need to fix the missing may need a coil replaced on one or 2 cylinders also.
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I have noticed a similar problem, running rough engine light not on. Where is the fuel filter located

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