Renovating a travel trailer


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Renovating a travel trailer

Is renovating a travel trailer a feasable DIY project?

I have the tools and would be comfortable doing the work.

My concern is where to obtain supplies and furniture at a reasonable price. Is it possible to buy cabinets for a travel trailer?
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Kitchen cabinet dealers sell cabinets. There are salvage stores and discount building supply stores that sell paneling, floor covering, etc. Explore new travel trailers for ideas for updates and furnishings.
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Keep it light!

Remember, weight is a premium in campers/trailers. Keep it as light as possible.
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Thanks, everyone for the fast replies.
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Smile I just finished mine


I just finished the one we bought. We got it for real cheap 500$ it sleeps 6. It was in rough shape. It had leaked alot all over, and someone had lived in it with 2 big dogs. So its was really dirty and smelly.

the first thing we did was fix the roof. I had my mom (sewing lady) to make new seat covers. I had bought new material that was on sale. I washed all the foam seats with dishsoap and the garden hose, and sun dried them. ( what a difference) I painted the ceiling when every thing was dried out, paint I already had. First with stain sealer then just regular paint. I lined the cupboards and drawers, liner was bought at the dollar store. Then we did a really good cleaning with spray9 (that is the wonder cleaner). We also tore out the bathroom because it was no longer in use and installed shelves and coat rack. All and all its done and looks great and we only spent about 200$ renoing it.
Yesterday I was offered 2000$ for it, I said no cause i want to enjoy some of my hard work be for i sell it.
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Someone on this site actually built a TT from scratch, so it can be done. I don't recall them saying what they spent on it, but I am 100% certain it was more than it could have been bought already built for.

Your local RV dealer has catalogs a plenty of parts for RV's, fixtures, furniture, doors, windows, you name it.
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We are just starting our renovation. We got a 71 Shasta. My husband is gutting it right now. WE are hoping that the refridgerator and water heater will work, and we will just replace the stove top and A/c. Then all new wall panels, cushions, and bathroom.

Maybe we could compare as we go. This is very new for us.
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Here is where you need to go to read about another man's journey along the route you propose.
It is a very interesting saga and quite informative. Let us know about your progress.
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I helped my BIL redo a 5er after it had been in a flood. We completely stripped everything from the inside out to the skin. Plan on ripping a lot of wood, they don't use standard sizes. Everthing is built in sections. It's a good way to get exactly what you want, as stated watch the weight.
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Thumbs up

Afew years ago we bought an older '78 21' wilderness, for $1000.00, It had also leaked so first thing I did was bought a can of blacknight roofing tar, I went to the hardware store bought a few sheets of wall panneling , the kind with white vinyl
I put it over top of the old brown panelling, but I ript out the ceiling, as it was very rotted with mushrooms growing in there etc. it took me about a week to do this , got some new lyno from home depot, (roll ends) and we sold the unit for $3500.
So it is all possible to do this, and it is fun flipping a RV.
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Check out for everything you need to know about trailers and camping. There are a number of people there that have done RV rebuilds and many have the photos to see what was involved. You can do a search on the site under rebuild to find what you are looking for.
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Wirepuller, I am curious if you decided to go ahead with the camper overhaul project? What was the outcome?
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how about pics before and after???? We just got a 1967
rig--can't even recall the name on it and hope to budget-wise
re-do what we can when spring is here and we can get it home.

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