Too much power blows RV Refrigerator?


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Cool Too much power blows RV Refrigerator?

My son and his fiancÚ' bought a used 5th wheel to live in so they could save up for a down payment on their own home. It is a late nineties and was meticulously kept. My husband took 220 from the house and sent it over to the RV. Oops. It ruined the TV, it blew the fuse in the microwave, the air conditioner/heater doesn't work, and worst of all, the electrical part of the refrigerator doesn't work. We found a fuse blown behind the refrigerator, but replacing it didn't cause the electrical part to kick on. If it runs out of propane, it doesn't switch over to electrical. Where does one begin?
Switches? Condenser? Compressor?
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If, as you state, he wired 220 volt to it, he probably fried everything and may have damaged much of the internal wiring. This home may be a future firetrap. I would suggest that you post this on the electrical forum because it's really not an RV problem so much as it is an electrical hazards problem.
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Like said. You have to ring everthing out . To see whats good or bad. If you didnt turn AC on it could be good. but it sounds like you did and its shot. On the the refrigerator they work on LP then on electric elements. Can be you can just put in new electric elements for the 12V and 110V check them out.

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The other item that comes to mind is your converter, that converts 110 vac to 12VDC. Your fridge needs that 12VDC source in order for it to work as required. Are all the interior lights as bright as they were? The converter, depending on what model converter you have, probably has some kind of fuses too. The fridge will not switch to anything without 12VDC hooked up to it. If you have a good fully charged battery hooked up, that should do it. Do the lights on the top of the fridge control panel still work? What make model is the fridge?
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The fridge itself also has a 120v AC heating element inside the stack that vents the heat out in the rear. Most likely took it out too.

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