98 chevy s-10 clutch


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98 chevy s-10 clutch

when engine is cold and clutch pedal is pushed to the floor, clutch does not engauge and I am unable to shift into any gear, but as I continually pump clutch pedal, pressure slowly starts to build utill there is enough pressure to engauge clutch and drive but sometimes gears shift ok and sometimes gears are hard to shift into gear while driving.
the clutch cylinder fluid was just a little low and is brown, the system has not been bled,(need instructions please.)
the clutch pedal takes 25 to 50 pumps to enguage.
haven't seen any signs of any kind of fluid leaks underneath the truck.does anybody know what the problem is?
also windshield wipers work sometimes and sometimes not, what's their problem? thanks for any help.
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Your clutch hydraulic system needs to be bled. You have a slave cylinder (similar to a brake wheel cylinder) mounted on or close to the bell housing in front of the transmission. It usually has a bleeder on it. It would be similar to a brake bleeder.

Fill the master full, have someone pump up the hydraulics with the clutch pedal and hold it while you crack the bleeder on the slave, then close it. After closing the bleeder have your helper pump it up again and repeat the process.

This will help you in the short term. However, you probably have a worn component that has allowed the air in the system. Check for fluid dampness around the master and slave. You probably need to replace one or both.

Hope this helps,


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