95 Chevy Truck 4.3 v6 problem


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95 Chevy Truck 4.3 v6 problem

I am having a problem when I am in 5th gear on the interestate about 65-70 mpg and I start to go uphill. It will make a pinging noise then cut in and out like it's vapor locking. If I downshift it hits again. This is the only time it does it is at those speeds and gear. I have tuned it up recently, all new plug, wires, cap rotor and air filter. Could this be a sensor? If so where?
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What you're hearing (the pinging) would also cause the engine to stutter.

I would avoid driving it too much with that problem. The pinging is murder on your valves/pistons and about everything else inside the combustion chamber. It's all expensive damage to repair.

If it just started with the tuneup, check the plug wires for cross hookup. If that happened, it should be running noticeably rough all the time.

In the short term, go a higher octane fuel. If you have gasohol available use some of that. The ethanol will slow the combustion and will help control the pinging.

For a fix get an engine code scan from Autozone and see it you get a problem code. I don't know if that engine will have a knock sensor or not. Also have your timing checked and set to specs.

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Try haveing your fuel pump checked. This model requirs 65psi to supply the engine.

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