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Post Tool Utility Trailer ??

Has any one built one?? Or built shelving/organization for a utility tool trailer--any web sites to organize tools?? Any ideas? We have rental houses and our tools are in many places and I want to have a mobile way to have the tools in one place--we have a 4 x8 utility trailer that we are thinking of building a traveling building on to store our tools--but I found plans for a bigger one--ordered them lol but cost is a big factor--I would like to do this as a Christmas gift ofr my hubby--recommendations and advice welcome
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I recently read an article about someone building a mobile worksite...I think it was in JLC? In my personal opinion, it depends a lot on your needs. I personally move my tools around in a series of rubbermaid/sterilite/similar type of container with wheels, as they are lightweight, semi portable (bring the stuff inside with me), and I have them organized based on different types of tasks (drywall, roofing, studwork, etc). Plus, you can always move your tools into a garage and use your trailer for moving debris or furniture. Again, it probably should be a custom know what you want, and it probably wouldnt be hard to make up some plans for a lil trailer like that...
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Wow, how did I miss this great thread that is almost 1 month old? If that article was in JLC, Patriothntr, I missed it- if you find it let me know!

I'm dying to get a 12 or 14 ft trailer and outfit it myself. Unfortunately, that's not in the foreseeable future right now. But I have outfitted a cub van at work, which is what i drive on the job. It helps to carefully plan what you have and where it will go so as to use all space wisely.

For instance: the main things I needed to organize in my cube van were:

-a metal break that is 10 1/2 ft long x 14" wide.
-table saw
-miter saw
-2 extension ladders
-2 scaffolding planks
-saw horses
-2 step ladders
-miscellaneous lumber supplies
-hand tools
-lots of power tools and air tools

It made the most sense to lay the extension ladders and scaffolding planks on their sides, one next to the other. I reserved an area on the floor on the bottom right side of the van for them. On top of that, I thought would be a good area for lumber. On top of that would be a good height to place the workbench, where the metal break would sit. Underneath the workbench would be a great space for drawers- I designed five 32" drawers under the metal break. at only about 3" high, they don't take up much space but hold all my hand tools and misc. messy stuff. Dividers separate the drawers to give the illusion of organization.

This left a little space on the workbench for me to make a caulking tube dispenser (3 tubes wide for the 3 types I use most often) and some space for other misc. items. Behind the metal brake was enough space to store cases of products, as well as a catch-all area- the spot things get thrown when I'm in too much of a hurry to put them where they belong.

Above the metal break I built a unit to hang on the wall- it holds mainly aerosol cans, bottles of glue, spray foam, etc. Above that is a shelf (at head level or above) that is the full length of the truck, on both sides, left and right. All my power and air tools go on those shelves and since they are all in cases, the handles to the cases all face forward. Everything is labeled so that it all fits if it goes back in the same place.

On the left side I left 8' of clear space toward the tail end of the truck, assuming that I'd need to load windows, doors, ladders, trash barrels, etc on the left side and strap it to the wall. I later realized that I could also strap things to the front of the workbench on the right side by adding some eyelets to the bench legs.

But back to the left side, I still had about 6' of space toward the cab, so I built another workbench, and placed the table saw on a shelf underneath it. The miter saw has its own stand and gets strapped against the wall in that 8' of clear space mentioned above. Then in back, under the very back part of the workbench on the left side is a place for a pair of folding sawhorses and the metal stand to the portable table saw.

Above the cab is a storage area too, and it's divided into an upper and lower shelf- aluminum trim coil on top, and other things below- ladder jacks, shop vac, rolls of poly, misc boxed tools. I also have 4 zipwall poles that I made a rack for- their home is on the ceiling of the cube van, in a simple little slots held in place with a bungee.

It's been a work in progress. It started out with just the basic things, and then as I used it, I realized where some of the less often used things would best fit. So I guess my advice would be to plan around your biggest items, the things you use most often, but then leave some room for "expansion". You can always add to it later. At least until it's full!
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Wow...well my needs in a trailer are quite smaller than yours...but hey, maybe someday I'll get to that point...I found that article on JLC online, hopefully this link will work for you...

I was looking at building an equimpent trailer from the flooded remains of an old pop-up camper, but that's gonna have to wait a bit longer I think, if I want to do it right (it already has stabilizers installed, and the pop-up function could be useful...somehow...). For now the ol 4x6 will have to suit all my needs...
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thanks for the link! I had forgotten about that article. Good to go back over those old magazines and look at the tips I've long forgotten!

I've got a buddy who turned an old pickup bed into a trailer- welded some lids on top of it so that everything inside can be covered up and locked. Kind of a cute idea if you don't have any huge items to carry.

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