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Question oil pump

I have an '92' Chevy k1500 and I put a new oil pump in it because it was showing about 10 and was rattling when I went up hills. After the first start up it showed about 50 then started to slowly drop. Now when at idle it is at 10-15 and at 55 mph it is around 30 is that normal and no more rattling up hills or leaking. It has 140,000 miles on it. It is also a 350 and under the passenger manifold there is a sensor that has a broken or burnt wire and I can't find were it went. Could anyone help me asap thanks
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sounds like the knock sensor located just in front of the starter it tells the computer when the engine is knocking so it can retard timing if left unhooked it can cause driveability problems such as pinging, loss of power and check engine light, replacement pigtails with connector are usually available at most parts stores to repair the broken wire, if the sensor is broken it may need replaced also its not uncommon for the connector to get broken when a starter is changed.
your oil pressure is sufficient however you should use a mechanical guage for an accurate reading with 140,000 miles im sure alot of bearings have excessive clearance wich will result in lower oil pressure but if your readings is accurate it is sufficient, general rule is 10 psi per 1000 rpm and most pumps will relief at 40psi on a warmed up engine.
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thanks bejay

I will try that I am glad to know that the new oil pump wasn't my waste of time.

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