90 ford ranger,xlt 5 speed


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Smile 90 ford ranger,xlt 5 speed

I am driving home and as when I give it gas, I hear a hiss, sounds like it comes from under truck. I lose power on accelerating, but I can still drive it. The engine revs up, and I can get it moving, but not as fast, I have a new hydrolic clutch, and my transmission seems ok. I also smell gas, and my engine light comes on, usually when I coast down hill in gear. I dont smell gas untill I have driven it about an hour on the expressway.
The hissing sounds like a hair spray can spraying, but it only hisses when I give it gas, even if I am at Idle, and give it gas it hisses. But if I just let it Idle, it doesnt hiss.
I also noticed a clanking sound in the muffler, or it could be the transmission, but it doesnt sound bad, like a bolt clinking around. I have 180,000 miles on the truck. It has 8 spark plugs on a 4 cylnders. Thanks to anyone who can help me

. Nightmoves.
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Could be a few things.

1. Leaking fuel injector - can cause engine fire

2. cracked or loose exhaust head manifold

Both of these will cause you problems.

Since you hear some clanking, I would assume the exhaust headers. You could smell the fuel exhaust fumes coming up through them. Pop the hood and listen to see where this is coming from. Have someone hit the gas or you can manually give it gas throught the throttle body cable.
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I guess what you are saying is, it dont sound good. I will check that and see if I can find the leak. Thank you so much Mark.
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take it to an exhuast shop and have the exhuast system checked for a restriction the convertor is probably plugged and causing the noise you hear and the loss of power it will also cause the engine to run rich.
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My thoughts and recommendations are same as "bejay".
Been there, done that.

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