93 F-150 Clutch sticking


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Unhappy 93 F-150 Clutch sticking

I have a 93 F-150 XLT with a hydrolic clutch that sticks down when it gets hot. Works fine for the first few minutes but once it gets hot it loses all of its resistance and will stick down. It still works, just doesn't come back up. I end up having to pop it back with my foot.

Any help on where to start looking for the problem would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance,
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The pedal is returned by a spring mounted under the dash on the clutch pedal. Then there is a linkage from the pedal to the master cylinder.

But if the pedal was in the down position the clutch should be disengaged. If it isn't you may have problems with the master cylinder (on firewall) or the slave cylinder (on bell housing). The master and slave usually leak and eventually stop working when they go bad, but they could wear out and stick. The other possibility would be the linkage from the pedal to the master.

Keep in mind if those other problems exist, the clutch can't be working properly.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Bob,

I will check these out. The clutch still works (i can still change gears) just have to unstick the pedal with my right foot. This makes me think it could be in the linkage but it only happens when it gets hot. When irst get in everything works fine.

Will check your suggestions and report back.

Thanks again,


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