Stupid Quebec Laws!!!!! (Service vehicle light bar colors)


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Stupid Quebec Laws!!!!! (Service vehicle light bar colors)

I posess a commercial licence and own a business
i have 2 trucks
1 is a tow truck and the other used for snow removal.
I had the have them inspected.
1 the tow truck has yellow clearance light over the cab
the inspector as me if they where factory install i said no
i need to replace the lens whit green ones
my yellow rotary lens if ok
my snow removal truck i need to replace my rotary lens from yellow to blue
since it's fall under DOT job and
get a snow removall permit
strange part
1 fire truck have white and red lights
ambulance have red and white lights
since these are consider as emergency vehicle
why do police car have blue and red lights
there not DOT or emergency vehicle
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According to Wikepedia: In Canada: "Generally, red is used for emergency vehicles, amber for utility vehicles, and green for volunteer firefighters. Red and blue are used by police, with the exception of Ontario, which uses red and white. In Ontario, the blue colour is reserved for snowplows. An interesting application of the use of purple lights exists in Ontario, where that colour of light can be used for the lead car in a funeral procession." There is no mention of green, so one must assume that green is reserved for tow trucks.

Certain colored lights are used to denote type of vehicle or situation. Color of light and type of service of vehicles tend, but these depend to vary depending upon where you live.
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Stupid Quebec Laws!!!!!

Unless Quebec is an extreme northern part of NC, it is a different world(Quebec) in a different country (Canada). - Eh? or is it Oui?

We have a magic line painted down the middle of all the boarder lakes between Canada and the U.S., but it not as bad as it was 20 years ago. - Could not use American live minnows for bait in Canada even though they came from the same lake.

At least the snow plows are not painted white!!


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