1989 Ford Ranger,fires once or twice,then quits


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1989 Ford Ranger,fires once or twice,then quits

2.3L quit,installed different motor(2.3L)have checked igniton control module,crank sensor,changed injectors and fuelrail from the one that was running,changed 1 coil pack(can't see other one),fuel pump runs,is fuel in the fuelrail,changed throttle body,checked ground wires,fires once or twice then quits,did run roughly once for about 10 seconds,any suggestons would be deeply appreciated. Thank You!
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Could be a number of things. I think I would try to narrow it down by feeding it with carb cleaner. Put about a tablespoon of gasoline down its throat and have a helper try to start it. If it tries to start feed it with the carb cleaner (spray can) through the throttle body. If you can keep it running with that, it will likely be a fuel system problem as opposed to ignition.

If no luck there I would pull the codes and see if something turns up.

Hope this helps,

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really need to do more testing check fuel pressure, injector pulse and spark at more than one plug wire even if its just on the easy to get to side check for spark on several different cylinders you will probably find that one of the above is missing.
I know you said that you checked the ignition module but if it is not grounded good to the intake it will cause weird problems even a no start, or only spark on a couple of cylinders, so if you find you do not have spark on all cylinders you may want to remove the module and clean the mating surfaces put a slight coat of dielectric grease on it and reinstall it for a starting point.
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Thank You, bejay!!!!!!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Can't Thank You Enough! It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cleaned the back of module ,cleaned where it was gonna attach,put the paste on it and it started right up.

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