Wiring Fog Lamps


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Wiring Fog Lamps

I Have A 93 Ford F150. I Want To Add Aftermarket Fog Lamps. How Can I Wire Them To Light Up With The Headlights. I Do Not Want A Toggle In The Cab And I Want Them To Run Constantly And Switch Off With Headlamps.
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If the fuse can handle it in your application I just spliced mine into the parking lights on my Dodge.
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hooking up fog lights to run auto or with when head light are on

here is 2 ways to hook upaftermarket fog lights to turn on automaticly.

1) auto on with out any switches.

you will need the following tools:

A) wire stripers
b) wire cutters
c) sodering gun and soder
d) srink rap or electric tape
e) test light

Under the dash or at the bottom of the streeing colum, with igniton turn on so that there is only power. Take the test light and prob for a live wire (usally red, green or white), once you found one, turn the key off and check it again, if it has no power... good.

Now take the wire stripers and strip back the plastic insulation back about 1/2 in or a little less and connect your power wire to this wire. soder them together and cover with electric tape... or if you perfer cut the wire put a strip of srink wrap on and re-join and soder the wires...

finish wireing the fog lights up...

Option 2

Splice your main power wire to the head lights... usally one is larger on one side then the other. Join your foglights power wire to this larger wire and solder them together, cover with electic tape or srink wrap and finish hooking up your foglights.

NOTE: even tho the 2 different options have fuse protection, besure to install a fuse for your foglights! Make sure that if the headlights are protected by a 20amp fuse, use a 10 or 15amp fuse for the foglights... this way if your foglights short out, the 10 or 15amp fuse will blow first, this will leave you with your headlights still working!
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most fog light kits that ive seen come with a relay and wiring and fuse holder where you would install the fuse holder to a power distribution block or positive battery cable this is what will supply fused power to the fog lights this runs to the relay and from the relay to the fog lights, on the coil circuit of the relay, the circuit that turns the relay on and off, one wire would go directly to ground and the other wire would be attached to either low or high beam circuit of the headlights in the case of fog lights its usually attached to low beam side so they only work with low beams, with driving lights they are usually just attached to the high beam side to prevent blinding oncoming drivers but you can attach it to a park light circuit and it would function on both high and low beams or anytime the park lights are on.
you must use a relay as you can very easily overload a headlamp switch or ignition switch that wasnt designed for the extra amperage going through the circuit.
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relay posts

ok now which posts (number) goes to which wire. i have received a couple of different instructions. the relay has 4 posts 85 86 87 30. i can not seem to get a clear answer. thanks for the info.
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post 85 and 86 is the coil terminals of the relay one will go to ground and the other will go to whetever your using to trigger the relay either spliced to a low, high or park lights doesnt matter wich one goes where just as long as you have those 2 hooked to 85 and 86.
post 30 and 87 one will run to the fog lights and the other will run to the battery or power distribution block wich should be fused, again it doesnt matter wich post you use as long as you have those 2 things running to those 2 post.
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thank you very mucn. i was getting confused due too no one telling me that the posts could go either way . i was told 4 different things. great help.

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