1988 Ford Ranger--won't Start After Rain


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1988 Ford Ranger--won't Start After Rain

I have a 1988 Ford Ranger, which starts fine normally, with the exception being days after it has been driven continuously in the rain. At first I though water was making its way through the intake, and in the air filter assemly, however this is not the case. It usually starts a couple hours after I try to start it the first time, so maybe this helps it dry, I don't know. This has been happening before, and I've also changed the distributor cap with no results. If anybody could help me, or let me know where moisture could be collecting, it would be much appreciated. thanks

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Ranger won't start

How's your plug wires? If they havent been replaced (with quality wires) recently this could be your problem. Sometimes you can see them leak by having some one crank it over while you observe them in the dark(when it is refusing to start) Tom
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I was fighting my '87 Ranger about the same way. When you get good hardware on it, spray the whole ignition system with an ignition sealer. I haven't had any problems since I did that to mine.
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Another good thought Bob. I had an old truck that would cut out when bucking snow. I coated the whole system with NAPA ign sealer and could roll snow over the fenders. Tom

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