Need help with advice on doing a floor in a trailer and identifying the trailer


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Need help with advice on doing a floor in a trailer and identifying the trailer

I have a 70's trailer I think lol.... could be older or newer.... I got it for free from a friend of the family...

Any how Over looking the trailer... I was told and I noticed that the floor is totaly gone from end to end... is very bad at the door and at the back end.

I want to put a new floor in the trailer and out it back into good condition. I looked at the walls and I noticed only one small spot at front window that has rot. other then that... the roof, and all other windows have no problems... and the back window is not leaking at all.

I suspect that the water danage is possable from the wheel wheels leaking, or possable from the underbelly holding mosture.... and rotted it out from the bottom up? as for the door area I am not sure what caused it other then possable from rain coming in from the bottom of the door as the weather stripping is missing.

What I need help with is... this trailer has no sub-floor... the plywood is screed to the steel frame, and I believe that all of the trailer walls are on built on top of the floor.

How can I repair all of the floor easily and safely? Is it possable to do the back first and then lift it up a 1"more and put a scap peice of wood there to hold it up... and then go to the every front of the trailer and replace that peice and lift it up a little again and then do the middel? and after replacing the 3 - 4x8 peices of plywood, drop one end and then losley bolt it back down and drop the other end?

Or how wold you do it? the trailer is 8" wide and total floor size is 8' long by 12 or 14 feet long?

I would not redo this trailer if it was had not been giving to me, and for the fact that the frame and every thing else seems fine to me... and it sleeps 6 people.

If you like I could possably send you some photos of this trailer and try to recover a name of the trailer for you. Other then that... all I know is its rounded at the back, and the front comes stright down to half way point and cuts in at a 45 degree angle... and the tail lights look very simular to the old T-birds from the 60's...

Any how if you could reply back that would be killer! I do not know much about these things... if it were a house I would have it done by now!

Thanks in advance!

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i have never done this myself, but have heard about it..i only offer this limited knowledge because my family and i have a trailer which has been alot of fun over the years..

before you jump in, do your best to make sure the frame and hitch are sound..look for cracks and badly rusted areas, especially where the tounge and frame meet.....make sure the axles and brakes are good..see if the water, electrical, waste tank and propane systems work..if you have a problem, get it fixed or don't go any other words, make sure you have something you can use and is safe if it get's a new floor...

you may be able to screw new material right over the existing floor..that would be the easiest way to fix it.. if the entire floor needs to come out then everything on top of it needs to come out first, except the walls..cabinets, any plumbing fixtures, couches, etc are usually easily removed..after that you can begin to remove the old careful not to damage drain/water/propane lines and electrical wiring during the demolition..look underneath the trailer for anything coming up from the bottom..replace one section at a time with a good exterior grade plywood...the more you can leave next to the walls, the better..special plywood made just for RV's is is sturdy and made for this application..if you use regular plywood, do something to protect it from the botton..epoxy paint works well for protection..stringers will run between the frame rails and that is what the floor attaches to with screws..don't use screws which are too long above your water/ waste tanks.. if you have to remove the floor under the walls, look to see if you can screw from underneath the frame, into the bottom of the wall to secure it..lifting it like you say may be an option..most trailer framing is 2x2 or 2x3..really like a bunch of toothpicks..reinforce any seams in the floor..

when you put it all back together do your best to secure everything as well as possible..alot of time the cabinets and such are designed to keep the basic structure square and add careful not to hit any plumbing/wires inside the walls..your floor covering(carpet/linolium) can be installed before or after the cabinets...double check all your water/ power/ propane connections in the driveway..

once you've got it done, get some new tires if you have any question as to their age...a tire gone bad can mean DISASTER on the road..on my trailer i am very particular about tires..after 3 years i get new one's, no matter the mileage..then spend a few more bucks for a new CO/smoke detecter(mounted high on a wall/ceiling) and an LP gas detecter if you have any propane appliances(mounted low on a cabinet/wall)..keep your first couple of trips close to home in case you have any the time you're finished you should really know that thing inside and out..

this project can be done..just make sure you have something safe to tow behind you when you're finished..good pics..
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Hello, Will... I will beposting some photos of this trailer soon.

the Trailer dose not have a holding tank as there is no bathroom in it. All there is as freashwater hose connection on the side of the trailer.

I believe there was at one time a fresh water holding tank and that was it? possably a gray water holding tank could have been on the trailer however I see no evidence of anything suggesting here was one?

I also forgot to mention that all the propane lines will also be replaces as they are questionable in safey and age... for the whole 10 feet of line there is... it will not cost much to run new coper line...

The electrical system in the trail all works perfect with out any problems, so that is good!!

as for trying to put wood on top of the old floor??? I do not think that will would be a good thing to try as I can see a outline coming up out of the floor which you can see were the trailer frame is. Not to metion the floor in the back of the trailer is very wet,black and I can put my finger through it with out trying!


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If you repair this floor you have to keep in mind that the trailer structure is totally integrated into the base frame.
When these things are built the wooden portion gives the metal trailer its strength.
If you cut away the wooden floor the walls of the trailer will exert too much force on the perimeter of the metal base.
You would need to be able to have the walls resting on the floor.
If you study the structure there may be a way of doing it but we would need to see it.

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