1989 nissan truck no gauges

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Question 1989 nissan truck no gauges

I have a 1989 nissan truck d21 standard cab with Z24 motor. The gauges (fuel and temp.) won't work. I've checked all the fuses, all are good! I've grounded the sensor wire for the temp. gauge at the sensor at the motor and nothing! Haven't tried anything with the gas gauge yet, didn't know where to start....any ideas????????
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This doesnt help you but i had the same the problem with the same truck.Have you tried to install a car stereo lately?Im only asking because when my gauges were blown out i had just installed a car stereo and i guess the wires touched and blew out the gauges.My theory is that the wiring for the stereo and the wiring for the gauge cluster must be inertwined with each other.The only other possible reason I can think of is if the entire eletrical system(just gauge cluster)was not properly grounded from the factory.Just to let you know this was almost eight years ago and I never ended up fixing the problem.Good luck let me know if you come up with anything.
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Most cars feed power to the gauges

through an "Instrument Voltage Regulator" or IVR for short. It's possible that yours has gone bad, resulting in no power to these guages. The bad news is that you usually have to remove the instrument cluster to get to it, as they're behind or attached to the back of it.

I wasn't able to find your exact year, but I did find a diagram for a 1988 truck at Autozone's website. Click on the fourth link to open a page with the electrical diagram. On this one, the tach is fed direct and the water temp and fuel gauges get power from the IVR.


Hope this helps!
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I fixed a couple of Rangers with no gauges with a poor cab ground. That one was a braided ground from the front of the firewall to the back of the engine on a transmission bolt.
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What Desy2820 said, but I think they call it "Voltage Limiter".

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