Battery Still Weakening


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Battery Still Weakening

I have a 2003 chevrolet silverado. It has a new battery but still manages to go weak overnight. The average temp here right now at night is about 20-25 degrees. I did the bulb test and pulled the fuses. None of the fuses that were pulled made the light bulb go out. I had O'reilly's hook the truck up and test the alternator and it checked out good. There IS a draw coming off the battery according to the bulb test. I pulled the fuses twice, i'm positive i didn't miss any, i think. Any ideas?
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First, if you post to your original post, rather than creating a new one, it will be easier to track.

You will always have some draw from the computer, clock, and radio memories, but it is very small.

Did you try the suggestion of disconnecting the battery at night and reconnecting in the morning. If the battery is good at night, it will still be good in the morning - unless it is self discharging. That way you can rule the battery out or find that it has an internal short.

As to lights, check the glove compartment light, under the hood light if you have one, and bed light.

There is also a vague possibility that the alternator is charging the battery when running and discharging it when the engine is off. That would be due to a bad voltage regulator. Since it is built into the alternator, it would usually require replacing the alternator.
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suggest seeing a shop to see if they can find the draw the test light method doesnt work very well on late model vehicles and you really need an amp meter, then you can wait for the interior lights delay to go off and start removing fuses one at a time and even disconnect the alternater or whatever else that could be possibly causing the draw while watching the amp meter.

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