Do I need an engine code analyzer?

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Question Do I need an engine code analyzer?

Good day to everyone!

My first time here so here's the story:

2000 Pace Arrow motorhome with 1999 Ford Triton v-10. Have a Banks system with transmission command module. Started engine to get some exercise. We are volunteering in AZ so in third month of 5 month stay.

Service engine light came on. Do NOT want to go to Ford place to check what is code (last time was transmission code-only needed reset).

Question is: is there an analyzer (not expensive?) I can purchase for long term use (incase it happens again), get code, and then look up on internet and see if I need to see service dept at Ford. I went to JCWhitney, but for me a little too confusing as to what to look for.

Thanks for any help,

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there are generic obdll code readers available but not sure if the can clear codes your best bet is to have a tech you can trust read code and advise the codes do not turn on the lamp for no reason there had to be a fault at one point to turn the lamp on yes some times it may be a ghost code and but honestly with the amount of money you spend on your vehicle would you not want to be sure when you are heading down the highway on vacation you are not heading down the road to a Ruined Vacation
i will read and advise my customers of fault codes for about $20.00 and half the time i do not even charge that to repeat customers if you do get the codes some how and want to know more about them and what they could or do mean i will give you explanation and advise on what you should do but i do not recommend just reading clearing and ignoring trouble codes it could cost you more in the end also you do not have to go to dealer most privately owned shops can read and advise on code info also i believe in the US AutoZone parts will read the code for you not 100% sure though
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Yes, AutoZOne will read for free and/or clear the codes. Some of the generic readers will read the codes and also clear them. I have one kicking around somewhere that you plug in, it shoots you the codes three times, and then clears them. As Doc points out, having the codes and knowing what they mean and how to fix the problem are two different things.
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Autozone will sell you one for around 100 bucks maybe a little more. I bought one because all 3 of my cars are OB11. And I have a ford Taurus so that and a cell phone are a real got to have item.
I dont think it will read transmission codes but it will engine codes and it clears them also.

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