99 f250 speedometer


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99 f250 speedometer

the speedo doesnt work untill the truck reaches 35-40 mph? the odometer doesnt either so i fig its not in the head, thanks, tom
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i would remove the head and check if cable turns at low speeds if not trace back to trans posibly cruse control if equiped if it turns than remove cable from trans and check if you can move the head by hand or slow drill if it is no cable equiped and is eletronic you may need to see a tech and have it scaned to see what speed sensors are doing
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You didn't mention if you have a auto with overdrive. If you do and the overdrive light is also flashing or not functioning properly it is most likely the speed sensor. Ours went out and thanks to a busy shop manager at a local shop was told to get the part at a dealer $32.00 Ask to see the skematic?
(drawing of where the part goes) It took me 1 minute to install it with a small wrench. The shop rate was $180.00 plus.. Good luck.

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