Which truck is the best

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Question Which truck is the best

I want to by a used light truck. I do not need a large snow plowing type. I plan to use it Massachusettes for odd jobs
I like front wheel drive
I will need a back seat area, extended cab
I think a V6 or V8 would be better
I would like something that will last

When someone buys a car or truck you hear them say, I wish I had got one with this or that and I wish it didn't have this.
So I'm all ears, let me know what you think,please.
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I have a '93 Extended Cab Silverado, 4.3 V6, 6 foot (short) bed which I bought new. I bought it so I could carry my very young children's carseats in the backseat and still haul things for work. After going into business for myself as a concrete contractor, I added lumber racks and a tool box in the bed. The truck now has over 240,000 miles on it and is still running strong. It has consistently gotten around 17.5 mpg since I bought it.
Some things to consider:
If I had bought a longbed truck it would not have fit into my garage, but I could haul more cargo in back. Although there is space between the toolbox and floor, for the most part I only have about 4 feet of usable bed space. If I need to haul larger items I have to remove the toolbox.
Most trucks of this size have V8 engines, but I have not had any problems hauling cargo and lumber with the 6 cylinder, and I sometimes really load it down. However, if you're going to do heavy towing you should go with a bigger engine. About the heaviest thing I tow is an air compressor/jackhammer.
I guess it's just dependant on for what type of work you're going to use it.

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I don't know that there are any front wheel drive trucks, all are rear wheel drive or 4x4.

Once you know what you need/want from a truck, it should be fairly simple from there.
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Talking This is going to be a very long thread

Like has been said, depends on what you want to do with it.

What is important to others may not be important to you.
Mine is "near perfect" for me.
'88 Dodge 3/4 ton, 4x4, 318, 4 speed with a 6000 lb winch on a hd front bumper, standard cab long box with a cap to keep the rain and snow off my stuff.
Good for hunting, hauling, pulling the boat and going to work.
Best part of all is the fact that buying the truck, rebuilding the drive train replacing the tires and painting it kept me from begging the banker for money, and still I am able if I wanted to sell it for about as much as I spent on it.

Best bet is take your best guess and then you will know what you really want when you by a different one.
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dont know

Dont really know of any front wheel drive trucks. I think Honda has some but they are pretty new still.
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Quote from GregH:

Mine is "near perfect" for me.
'88 Dodge 3/4 ton, 4x4, 318, 4 speed with a 6000 lb winch on a hd front bumper,

I had an 87' Power Ram. I loved that truck. The thing would go anywhere. I now have a 2001 4X4 Ram and it's a great truck but I think most Dodge vehicles lack on the MPG's.

If I was buying new it would be the Chevy Colorado crew cab w/Z-71 off road package. Great all around truck.
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You answered your own question.
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Hold on there!

I was so eager to yap about my truck I didn't even notice that johnnugent asked about front wheel drive not four wheel drive.

At one time there were mini-pick ups that were based on an import front wheel drive chassis but they were quite small and very light duty.
You would be probably looking at something in the Ranger, S-10 or Dakota category.
Two wheel drive pick-ups are not that great in snow or on slippery surfaces and if you can afford to spend the difference you would be very happy with any of the smaller trucks in 4x4.
They are not as rough as they used to be.
All of today's 4x4's are pretty much based on front wheel drive front ends anyway and give you a much better ride than the full axle type that the older trucks use.
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I think you need to be more specific with your needs.

There is no generic truck that will fit everyone's needs.

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