'94 Toyota pickup: door locks


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Unhappy '94 Toyota pickup: door locks

this is my first post here.
I have a 1994 Toyota pickup. I recently lost all my keys. Was able to retrieve the ignition key from the dealer, with the VIN number. Unfortunately, the person who had my truck before did work on it, and as a result, I had different keys for ignition, driver door, passenger door, gas tank, and cap.
I've been able to use a screwdriver to pop gas tank open, so it's been alright the last couple of days. However, will be driving to the city soon so need to get the locks fixed.
I called the locksmith, seems it will be a lot more expensive if he has to remove lock. I took a shot at it, got door panel mostly off (stay stuck on window crank though!) but didn't want to mess it up. How does one remove door panel and lock, and reinstall?
Also, can I remove the lock on the gas tank? Not very useful anyway.
Last would be the cap lock. Any ideas?

Thanks!! and be careful not to lose your keys in a snowbank!

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trying to help.....

Gas cap lock - can't just remove lock. Can buy replacement gas caps at auto supply for about $3 - $5

Cap lock - if t-handle style good possibility there is a code number stamped on face of lock and locksmith can make key from that number. If not key can be made by impressioning.

Window crank on door panel is usually held on by clip. If you push on the panel should be able to see it with flashlight. This is tricky without proper tool as you will need to push on both ends of clip at same time to remove, and FYI watch for clip to go flying and see where it lands so you have it for reinstall.

When door locks are out and you take to locksmith you will have two options. They can be keys to locks as is OR for about the same price they can recode to match your ignition key and make it much simpler.

Hope it helps, any other questions, let us know.

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