travel trailer tires


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travel trailer tires

What kind of problems would be encountered using auto tires instead of trailer tires on a 29' travel trailer?
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A tire that is designated for trailer use usually has a stiffer sidewall to prevent side sway.
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I've heard of people using "LT" tires as they have a stiffer sidewall & will take more air pressure, but I think you're asking for trouble if you try "P" tires. You'll end up with too much flex & roll which could lead to a sway problem.
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OK, Thanks.
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I believe that trailers tires also have a higher load rating for their size than an auto tire, probably due in part to the stiffer sidewalls mentioned.
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Don't learn the hard way

I have a couple of trailers and trust me you do want to use trailer tires not auto tires on them.
Yes they're more expensive but well worth it.

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