Engine Running Rough


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Question Engine Running Rough

My 6-cyl 1966 chevy truck motor won"t smooth out. It starts right up, idles fine but accelerating and normal driving is rough and choppy. I've cleaned the plugs, they were black and sooty, (running rich) not oily. Timing is good, points good, new plug wires. This is a new motor and has been fine until several days ago, then the rough running. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
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If you are sure everything is good maybe you got some bad gas or dirty gas sence it just started all of a sudden.
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Are you sure the choke is adjusted properly ? Perhaps your getting a good cold start situation, but if choke is not coming off all the way when warmed up, you'll run rich, and stumble & spit as you described. Has this vehicle been sitting, or driven regular?
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Alot of older gas engine with carburated engines do have sorta a heat riser gate valve you will have to check that on the exhaust manfold to make sure it is not sticky.

the other thing i know you did check the point gap but did you set the dwell ??

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Take a close look at the inside of distributor cap for carbon tracking between contacts.
Point gap and dwell are interrelated,so one can't be changed w/o changing the other.
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wow- go back and look at "78Ford..." and see what we went through. After dropping the drive shaft, thing wouldn't run past 30mph- no acceleration. Tried everything thinking maybe damage from the shock; tried replacing plugs, cking fuel lines and filters, thought the timing was off and the shop even took it all the way down to the chain to see if it had slipped (but it had not) They put it back together, cleaned it up and it actually ran pretty good- the kicker is, last week, my son called and said "HEY! you know, this thing runs GREAT on premium!!!!" Good luck!

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