CRAYLER Transportable forklifts setting up improvements?!


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CRAYLER Transportable forklifts setting up improvements?!

HI @ all,

i an innovation project i am just dealing with transportable forklifts which are mounted at the back of a truck (outside). With that position we have a lot of problems because the enourmous weight at the back leads to accidents and has a negative impact on the driving. Moreover the acutal mounting/position is not perfect. Now we thought about improvement possibilties and I am looking for experts in this field. Maybe there are some people who have thought about that problem before and already has a good idea. For example we were thinking about electronic warning systems, e.g. with sensors who could warn the truck driver if the forklift is not 100% mounted, or for example working with cameras?

Every contribution is most welcome!!! Maybe you already had an idea how to improve such things of you know somebody!!!

Thanks in advance
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You could install a proximity switch, adjusted to "read" one of the forks when stowed and activating a warning light on the dash if the fork truck moved out of position.

I.E., The warning light would be on all the time (provided the ignition switch was on) except when the fork truck is in the stowed position.
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Once you had your switch warning system worked out, you can incorporate an air solenoid to apply the truck's emergency brake if you have an air brake system.

This may seem a little more aggressive than you would like, but if the purpose is to avoid the lift coming off the back and into traffic, it would be reasonable.

As far as the driveability of the vehicle with the lift on the back, you could consider a cheater axle on the back of the truck. It could be designed to raise and lower with an air suspension and would greatly stabilize the rear of the truck. I don't know how much expense you would consider going to or how big the tail wag problem is to you.

Hope this helps,

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instal a micro switch so as the lift truck will activate it when latched properly run it to the gear selector so when vehicle is put into gear the truck engine will shut down also install a dummy light in the cab so driver will know the problem caused with the improper loading of lift truck
good luck...
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Hi @ all,

thanks a lot for your answers. As a non technican its a little bit heard to understand but I think I get what you are saying.

Has anybody of you already made such warning systems for its own use?? Or maybe you know somebody?? Because I am acutally looking for innovative people who would like to work on a new solution and improvement of the current system.

I am thankful for all answers and contacts of people. I would also call to whereever to person is located - much easier and faster :-)

regards carina
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I just happened to look at a truck similar to yours at HD yesterday....noticed several heavy chain binders that fastened the fork truck to the truck bed. This truck also had an air-operated tag axle at the very rear of the truck bed.

I don't think I would use a microswitch for activation as it appears the switch would have to be installed in a "hostile" environment. A proximity switch is designed for exterior use but works on the same principle as the microswitch. Look at the proximity switch as an electronic microswitch. RS sells several types of switches, all of which would serve your purpose. Proximity switches are used on a large variety of vehicles for a number of different that comes to mind right off is the rear doors of a transit bus..the switch is "looking" for the doors to be closed before releasing the brake interlock...the switch "reads" one of the doors operating levers. Another popular use is for a bucket-leveler on a front-end loader....the switch "reads" a piece of metal clamped to the bucket cylinder and, due to the adjustment, stops the bucket once the piece of metal passes under the switch.

I like AutoDocs idea of incorporating the switch circuit into the starting circuit of the vehicle.

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