Mold under carpet of park model


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Unhappy Mold under carpet of park model

We have a park model situated in the trees of a camping resort. Last weekend we noticed mold ontop of the carpet inside the front door and in the bedroom. Last night we started ripping out the carpet to find the plywood under the carpet and pad wet and coverered with mold spores. The drawers under the closet were covered with mold but we washed them with simple green and put them outside to dry and they look good. Have had 3 small heaters running during the night to dry out the bedroom, the tipout and the far wall are the major places of water.
The floor is solid so don't think we have to replace it. But need to be sure we kill the mold and seal it before putting down the laminate. And of course we have to find the source of all the water ... thinking maybe the windows as there is always so much condensation in this park model.
Any ideas on what to do? Thanks for reading ....
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Investigate for leaks around doors, windows, and the tip out. As you state that you have major water problems, it sounds as though you have leaks.

You do not have to have a leak to have mold and mildew and moisture issues. High humidity and lack of air circulation can cause mold and mildew. Temperature and humidity should be maintained year round at about 70 degrees and humidity around 35-55%. Warm humid air will condense on cold surfaces and cause moisture issues. Condensation will condense on cold windows and walls.

Attempts to dry out the unit and replace floor covering will be a waste of time and money if you do not address the moisture issues first. If there are moisture issues inside the walls, you will have mold and mildew there, too, as well as in other invisible areas.

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