1991 dodge dakota anti lock light is on


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1991 dodge dakota anti lock light is on

I repleaced the front pads but did not lose any fluid so did not bleed.The truck stops fine but the light stays on.Will I need to bleed it or reset a s switch,or???

Mike, a new member
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did you make the light go on?

head on down to autozone and have them scan the thing. there are several possibilities and without any more info than you have given, it is imposible to tell or guess with any accuracy.
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Cool light on

I am unsure of your exact make and model, but on just a normal brake warning system, I used to just crack the brake line loose at the master cylinder and bleed a little out untill the light went out. Usually it was the opposite side that was just done, so in your case the rear brake line. Also, on some models you could just remove the middle part on the proportioning valve and with something small try to center that valve again. Also, lift all the way up on your brake peddle with your hand, sometimes I had a brake pedal switch that somehow got knocked out of adjustment.
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Looks to be above my skill level

was reading a book last night and in BOLD PRINT,manymany times it said you MUST HAVE a certain tool to bleed the brakes,whish is what I think it takes to reset the swtich.
I think they called it a DRB box.
off to the shop I go.

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