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Question silverado acting up

Hi, i have a 2000 silverado with a 4.3l and a 4l60e tranny. my problem is, i can go out and start my truck in the morning and it will run fine. the other day after letting idle for about 5 min i went to go to work, the truck would cut off and on in drive at idle. it would happen so fast that it wouldnt actualy die.The lights on the dash would come on and go off. so i stoppped the truck turned it off and tried to restart it and all it would do was crank. finaly after a couple of attempts it started. it ran fine the rest of the day, now its doing it all the time, itll start fine in the mornin but after u turn it off and try to resart it when warm it will barley start or wont start at all for a few minutes. And i have to get the RPMS up or itll die. i recently changed the fuel filter and plugs and wires. im not getting any check engine lights or anything.. can somone please help,, thanks Jason
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I would be checking out your ground cable, the one going from your battery to ground, start there. Make sure your fuel filter is not installed backwards.

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