Major fridge problems HELP!!


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Lightbulb Major fridge problems HELP!!

I have a 2000 georgie boy Rv. my problem is that my fridge console keeps displaying "lo dc" or "lo Ac" battery on the Rv has to be charged by jumper cable about 4 times a day. We are currently living in the Rv until we buy a house. I have tried many many things but nothing has worked..This is becoming a major problems as to jumping the rv..We have it parked at a RV park w/ a 50 amp. Everything in the rv works all the lights, plugs, stove's just the fridge..Would someone please HELP me figure this out..THANK YOU TO ALL..
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You need to do a voltage test/reading at the receptacles (Volts AC) & at your connection for 12 V dc, usually located behind the outside cover,near the bottom of the fridge. You may have a 50amp service but it may still be poor/low voltage coming in. Low AC voltage will cause troubles all over the place. Do that first and will advise from there.

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Propane fridge troubl?

Can you light propane fridge if it says it can only be lit if hooked to 12 volt, and if so how do I do it . Is there a manuel override somewhwere on the fridge

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First -, did you do an actual voltage test at the fridge receptacle (AC voltage) & at the 12dc voltage wires at the back of the fridge to see what you had? It is not uncommon for poor connections to cause all the problems your having.

Second- yes there is a way to bypass everything and run it on propane, but that is a very dangerous way of doing it. Should the flame get snuffed out for any reason, propane will continue to flow & the least little spark from anywhere & "BOOM". Don't risk yours and your family's life, due to a little inconvenience. Let's try to get to the remedy another way.
Try hooking a separate, fully charged battery directly to the - & + terminals at the back of the fridge. You'll see 2 wires connected near the bottom for your 12 volt DC. Then, reach up in behind the fridge and pull out the AC hydro plug from the receptacle. Now hook it to an extension chord that is plugged in to a regular household style receptacle, at a different location.This may perhaps tell you whether your problem is the fridge, or in the motorhome. Do you have the manual? I am assuming by your question, that it is a Norcold fridge. Have you checked the troubleshooting section? If not, go here & find your model & download the manual, and see if it helps at all. There should be a 1-800 # to call for assistance also, and ask for technical assistance, maybe they can help too. Get back to us & we will do what we can to try and help.

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