Screetching front brakes


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Screetching front brakes

I felt like it was about time to replace the front pads on my 1991 Nissan
truck while I had some extra time. I was afraid of buying cheaper pads, so I went to Genuine Parts and bought them, although twice the price of the cheaper ones. When I pulled the front wheels the old pads were not bad at all but since I had already bought new ones I would go ahead and put them on. After about three days they began to screetch when I stopped. (they were the metalic pads) The old ones never screetched. are they now making
pads that will do this? Any ideas why they would do this?
It's just irritating and sounds as if you need new pads.
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Did you have your rotors resurfaced, or replaced? If not, you'll probably notice that they were very smooth (glazed) from last set of pads wearing in. That's more than likely your screech. Never replace metal pads, without doing something about the rotors, as this will usually cause what your describing, plus you probably find it causes more effort at pedal to stop, especially in rainy weather. The odd time when stuck, (or trying to save a buck, and rotors are running true) I will rough up the entire contact surfaces back & front of the rotor real good and as even as I can get it, with heavy grit (40-80) sandpaper, and that will usually help, if not eliminate screech. keeping in mind that may only be temporary as in some cases the screech returned a while later. Make sure you rough up your pad surface too, before you put them back together, regardless of what you decide to do.
In the old days of asbestos pads, this wasn't as critical, but were talking metal to metal contact now, and they both need something to bite into especially when new.
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screeching front brakes

Thanks Mike, you are probably right and I felt like that may be the problem.
I'ts just not good to cut corners
This is my only vehicle at the present and did not want to inconvenience someone by having to take me and again when I picked them up. It was just a time element. I will make those corrections and hope it takes care of the problem. I sure can't put up with that screeching.
Again,thanks for the response

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