1997 Ford Ranger 2.3 ltr


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1997 Ford Ranger 2.3 ltr Clutch issue

I have a 97 ranger 2 wheel drive, 2.3 cyl. 140k miles

The whole issue started a couple months ago when it became more difficult to change gears, i was forced to push the peddle to the floor to shift. and even that after awhile stopped working. I thought maybe it was the slave cylinder again which i had already replaced 2 years ago. But noticed it wasnt leaking any fluid so i went a different direction.

First, i went ahead and put in a brand new clutch kit, and the following week installed a clutch master cylinder. I had serious issues trying to bleed the clutch line, i started to think it may have been another problem. But on advice from a local shop - i was told the ford/mazda clutch master clinders sat on an angle which made them hard to bleed.

So i paid for the system to be bled properly. Which was done - and the pedal did regain what felt like its proper resistance. But i still couldnt engage into any gears while it was running. With the truck off - i can put it into first, and start it while in gear to move it. But thats all i get really. i can only switch gears with the truck off. Ive also double checked the slave cylinder, and i can push it back about a half inch - depress the clutch pedal and the slave does move forward, but i dont know if that alone for sure means there isnt a problem with the slave.

A mechanic suggested maybe the clutch disc was installed backwards, and i checked that - and it seems like it was fine. The clutch feels like it used to but i just cant shift., it still seems like its not disengaging the clutch from the flywheel. im pretty much back where i started. Maybe the clutch kit i put on was slighty wrong for my truck and the springs dont sit back far enough against the slave cylinder? anyone else have a clue ?
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You've got the classic symptoms of a clutch not disengaging. Forcing it into gear will only wear/ruin the transmission synchronizer assemblies. While you had the tranny off to change the clutch, I would have changed the concentric slave cylinder, even if it was rather new.
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Well when i took out the tranny again yesterday to double check the clutch disc - i did check the slave and it does move about a half inch to an inch or so. i can push it back then depress the clutch pedal and the slave does move forward. but you're saying the slave may still be bad ? its not leaking so i figured it was still ok

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