No Water in Camper


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Wink No Water in Camper

I have a 1985 Taurus Camper and when I hooked the hose to the spiket and to the camper the water ran to the camper but no water coming out of the faucets inside. I left it on for awhile and no leaking under the camper and I didn't see anything wet inside. Everyone says there's no shut-off valve for water in Campers so what could the problem be? I'm afraid if I call the local Marina they will charge me an arm and a leg for something that I might be able to do myself.

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just because campers arent 'supposed' to have shutoffs doens't mean yours doesn't.My son's camper had a myriad of valves and drains on his camper.
most systems switch automatically between city water and electric pump,but it could also be a manual swtich over IF you have dual systems.

the hot water heater is usually the first item inline,and if it's had a winterizing ikit added,it may be bypassing the rest of the system.

hope ya get it figured out.
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check the back of water heater for shut-off's (by-pass) valves. Water needs to enter in the bottom (cold) & out the top (hot). Shut off any valves in between the 2 (clockwise is off,usually) counterclockwise is open, unless you've got different style valves. If still no pressure, try removing the aerators on the ends of the taps (screens). I've seen them plug up so bad, that no flow comes through. Don't forget, your water heater fills before you get much pressure elsewhere in the system. Open your pressure relief valve on the water heater and see if water comes out of there, at least that will tell you if it's full or not. If it's full, you should have pressure inside, unless there is a stuck check valve or something, but you still should have cold pressure. Take a good look at the back of your water heater for valves etc. Should be an access panel inside trailer, to get a good look at it all.
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RV's have a check valve where the city water enters the trailer. Disconnect the hose & you'll see a screen/washer assembly. Given the age of your trailer there may not be a screen. If there is one remove it. There will then be a small push button mechanism. If that button is crooked or jammed in any way then there is your problem. you'll need to go to a dealer & buy a new check valve. If it is cockeyed it won't allow water past it. It can be fixed but for $10 it is easier replaced.
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Check your valve to see if your on fill or city water.

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