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Exclamation RVing for Dummies

We recently kind of "inherited" an RV. We are having a couple of issues.
1. The LP tank is full, we believe it is on -yet we cannot even get the cookstove lit! Not to mention the water heater, or fridge going.

2. The generator - it is not getting any gas to it. Is there a pump somewhere we could replace - or any suggestions what to check? We have had it running with ether/starter fluid - but it dies when that runs out. Pulled gas line off and no gas was coming out of it.

And any other tidbits you may think would be useful to us - i am SURE they are!!! Please share. I bought The RV Book - but really it is not a lot of help with these issues. It's kind of a vague, but really technical at times. Too vague and too technical for me anyway. over my head.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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When you say you think the lp tank is on. Is the handle turned on? What type rv is it? And year?
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Some Motorhomes have a solenoid near the tank hook-up that operates via, the propane detector. When propane detector is off, it shuts propane off, and when on, turns it on. You'll see a solenoid valve in line just after the propane line comes out of the tank, with 2 wires going to it. If that's what you have, then it should be energized when propane detector is on. As far as the generator goes, what type & model is it?
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I think you have air in the lp lines, what you need to do is open your gas valves and tank, let the gas flow for about 10 minutes then light try to light the stove, if it lights turn on all the burners and run on full for 5 to 10 minutes. Once this is done your hot water heater can be lit along with your refer. Don't forget propane tanks open to the left.
You didn't mention what type of MH nor the type of gen set and where it's fed from many generators are fed from the main tank and if the tank is less than 1/4 full it will not feed the generator. If you still can't start change the fuel filter. Hope this helps.
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Easywind reply- Caution !!!

Proof read what your saying !! Maybe not intentional but if it is someone not familiar with proper precautions & procedures, you could have instructed him unintentionally on how to blow himself up !!!!
I think what is meant is , Open gas valve at tank, let it sit for 10 minutes, then try to light a burner at the stove. Although the 10 minute wait is not necessary, I just wanted to point out that no other gas valves in the system are to be opened. Everything else is in the off position, and TANK VALVE ONLY. I should also point out that if this system hasn't been getting regular usage, and has not had a proper propane leak test performed in the last little while, $50 is a small price to pay for a life & piece of mind.

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