Toyota pickup float chamber gas level drops


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Toyota pickup float chamber gas level drops

1984 Toyota Pickup, 22R engine. When you check the carburator sight glass after the engine is shut off, the float chamber gas level is where it's supposed to be, in between the two lines...and the car starts right up. After an hour or more parked, this gas level drops down to the bottom of the sight glass and it takes 15-20 turns to start the engine.

I'm trying to find out what could be causing the float chamber gas level to drop...any ideas about this?

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mebbe the float valve isn't seating properly??
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I would assume it is boiling off from the heat of the engine after shutdown. I've owned a couple of 22R-equipped Toys and I can't remember ever seeing that happen (or maybe I just never noticed).
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Talking Carb Spacer

Not sure if anyone makes a phenolic carb spacer plate for the 80's 22R's, but it sounds like what you're after. Used to have to run one on an old Chevy SB400 with a 650 Holley dbl pumper. Had same issue. Engine heat would cause gas to boil off.

You might check;

for others with solutions.


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