low voltage no headlights


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low voltage no headlights

i have an 86 silverado and i lost all my headlights, my voltage metre reads around 11 constantly no matter if i rev it up. i checked all the fuses, tried a new switch. my battery is only a year old and has never been drained, my altenator is fairly new and its a 90amp my signal lights, dash, and breaks all work just no headlights. any help would be greatly appreciated
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"my voltage metre reads around 11 constantly no matter if i rev it up"

That reading should be a little higher. I'm thinking somewhere between 12.5 and 13.5 volts on a 12 volt system. No belt slipping? Loose connections on the altenator? Clean connections? Might be relay or diode bridge in altenator. Might take it off and take to auto zone to have checked. I think they still check for free. 11 volts is not enough for a 12 volt system.

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