Help! (Truck Vibrations)


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Angry Help! (Truck Vibrations)

What could cause my 1993 f150 to vibrate badly when I'm going down the road? It is 8.8 rear end, it has new axle bearrings, new brakes, new brake drums, and it is coming from the rear end.
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sounds like an awful lot of work - and part of it didn't go well (assuming the vibration started after the work was done). But - let's try the simple stuff first. Check the lug nuts to make sure the wheels are all seated properly.

Then check the brake drums/assembly for anything out of whack. While you've got the wheels and brake drums off - check those axle bearings again to make sure they seated properly and there is no wobble in the axle.

I'm not a big believer in coincidence... if you just had major rear end work done - and the shimmy/shake started after that repair - the problem lies in the work done.
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Angry Help!!!!!!!!!

93 f150 vibrates without brakedrums acts like it wants to lock up
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Many parts not reinstalled right can cause a vibration.

So can an out of alignment front end. Too much negative front end caster is one such. A slightly out of alignment front end can give the impression of a vibration caused by the rear end, to the untrained do it yourself mechanic.

As well as an out of balance drive shaft or excessively worn drive shaft universal bearings. Which can also seem to cause a lock up at very low revolving speeds. Balance the drive shaft. Check and or replace the joints.

Major question is who did the work???

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