RV novice questions


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RV novice questions

I am new to RV's. We bought a used RV and are about to take it out for the first time. I don't know enough to know what I don't know, but I do have a couple of starting questions:

1. the sewer hook up hose I have has only one end, the one to connect to the RV. I saw a hose in a store with a 4 in 1 threaded end. Do I need that?

2. the fridge on this RV runs on 120v elec only, so I either need to be hooked up or run the generator. Is it normal to run the generator while driving?

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You really only need the one end, as the other end typically just sits inside a pipe at the dumping station. Though I suppose some stations might have threaded fittings now to keep the hose from slipping off.

The fridge will keeps it's contents cold for several hours without power, provided you leave the door closed. I wouldn't run the generator for it but for maybe 30 minutes every 4 hours or so.

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