5x10 Landscape Trailer Lights Not Working


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5x10 Landscape Trailer Lights Not Working

The lights work great on the trailer until I turn on the night lights. With the night lights on none of the lights on the trailer work.(brake or turn signal) I have checked the electrical plug on the vehicle and there is 12 volts coming off of the plug next to ground when the night lights are on, but no lights on the trailer. Do they make trailer light kits where the nights lights disable all lights? Sounds like a stupid question, but I have got to ask. Thanks for your reply.
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At your ground pin on the trailer connector, use a test light and go from the ground pin to a good ground on the truck with your truck lights on. It shouldn't be hot. If it is you have a short in the truck.

If it isn't showing a short, disconnect the trailer plug, turn on the truck lights, and check the terminals on the truck for turn and brake lights. If those are OK, you probably have a short in the running lights on the trailer. That could be at a light or at the trailer connecting plug.

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Thanks for the response Bob. I went out and bought a $3 circuit tester that plugs into the plug on the back of the truck and all functions coming off of the truck check out. It is a 4-way flat piece that I picked up at Wal-mart called de-BUG PLUG. All of the lights lit brightly when I went through the brake and turning light tests with the lights on or off. That tells me something is wrong with the trailer wiring harness. I bought the trailer this past weekend. I guess I will take it back to them and have them check it out. I would just go out and buy a new light kit for the trailer, but since it is brand new the folks I bought it from should have to do that. Thanks again.

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