Hooking up a Deep Cycle Battery to a 2007 Pathfinder


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Hooking up a Deep Cycle Battery to a 2007 Pathfinder

I have a hatch tent that I hook up to my Nissan Pathfinder. I want to be able to use the DVD player and the 12 volt outlets in the car while the vehicle is off. How do I go about hooking up a deep cycle battery? Should I disconnect the car battery and hook the wires up to the deep cycle? Or is there an (inexpensive) way to have both batteries installed and be able to switch over? Thanks.
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You could rewire your 12volt outlets so they are energized at all times. You would find the wire that controls these and plug that wire into a constant 12volt source in the fuse panel, if possible.

I'm sure running a TV, DVD player, among other things will drain any battery in short time.

You may want to look into getting a small generator.

Maybe someone will know more then me, so hang in there.
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It might not be such a good idea to try to use a deep cycle battery on the vehicle's electrical system.
It would be possible to damage the vehicles computer if something went wrong.
I would suggest you use a separate battery and not connect to the vehicle's electrical outlet.

You can get a vehicle booster power pack for not too much money or a larger deep cycle battery and and hook up a couple of 12volt electrical jacks.


I have a 24 series deep cycle I paid around $70.00 for at Wally Mart and can power my 25 lb thrust trolling motor for eight hours on the lowest speed.
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dual batteries

The usual way is to set up a dual battery system:
a splitter ( two shottkey diodes on a heatsink) are installed on the alternator output to seperatly charge each battery. A battery switch is added to connect the starter/electrical system when used normally and switched to the deep cycle battery for camping. As a bonus the switch usually can connect both batteries in parallel for emergency starting when both batteries are weak.
Any RV suppliy or marine supply will have everything you need.

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