Cost to replace valve cover gaskets?


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Cost to replace valve cover gaskets?

I have to have my gaskets replaced on the valve covers on my 98 Olds with a 3.8L V6.
I called and got a quote of $135. This seems a little high to me.
I can no longer do the work myself so I have to pay to have it done.
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Well if the gaskets cost $60 and labour is $60 + applicable shop supplies and taxes, it might not be all that bad. Find out what the breakdown is and see what the parts are worth. You could always purchase the gaskets and find another shop to install them for you and save a few bucks.
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ok labor time for them is listed as being 2.4 hours so must be a little bit of work to do them

gm gaskets are list price 20 a piece

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Yes the gaskets are under $20 i see. Just for kicks I called another shop (not a dealer) and they wanted $288 with parts for the job!
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Not sure if your engine is the same but if it has the composite valve covers on it you may want to consider paying the extra to get metal covers. I have seen the composites warp over time and will begin leaking again soon.
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I am not sure what they are made of but they made 129K and I won't have the care that long.
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if 135 is dealer price thay must have only quoted left bank not both sides my lab on this for both would be 168 + part and taxes and my labour rate is much cheeper than dealer here by at least $40-$50 so i would find out what thay are replaceing for that price if both than i say let them do it
and show you the old gaskets to prove thay did both sides

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