1996 Sliverado 4X4


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1996 Sliverado 4X4

I bought a 96 Sliverado 4X4 with 124,000 miles. After about 300 miles the fuel pump went out. I was getting 19 miles to the gal. I replaced the pump the tank the fuel lines he fuel filter and the air filter. It now seems to get about 10 miles to the gal. any suggestions? I cant find any fuel leaks.
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Given there were no other changes, you may have a fuel pressure regulator problem or leaky injectors.

The logic is the new pump may be creating more pressure than the old pump and the extra pressure would target the regulator and injectors if there was a problem there.

You could diagnose those conditions with a pressure gauge.

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I have a similar truck and had a very similar problem. I decided to get a computer + computer chip. it cost me about 350 but I get a good percentage of gas milage than before. the only thing is that you have to have dual exhaust and a good cold air intake[k&n or edellbrock] the good thing is that you can change the programing for better fuel milage [highway or city] also for towing [more pull torque] even high speed programing, incase you wana test her out on the track? all at a touch of a button that has been preprogramed for your truck. regardless of what you are using the computer for you can really feel the difference. Im not saying that their might not be something else wrong with the truck. but thats how I fixed my problem with some extras. the computer also will give you all your diagnostic codes. including the one you have. in my case it was the gas cap,the seal was broken so their was to much air flow through the tank. Im not sure if that is true but it worked. good luck..

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