Backfire thru exhaust


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Backfire thru exhaust

1986 Chevy C10, 305CI, 202,000 miles. Made a 180 mile drive it ran fine. When within 3 miles of home stopped at red light it shuddered a little bit. When I accelerated it started choking down and backfiring, it blew my muffler off and died. The volt gauge showed 0 and would not start. The battery was completely dead. Towed it home charged the battery and it is running as I write this. No backfire so far.
My question is can a faulty alternator cause backfiring? I don't think it can but was told it could. Only other problem with this old truck is the valve guides are leaking by and have been for years.
Any answer is appreciated.
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Sounds like your system voltage was falling until you reached the point where the ignition systen could no longer fire the spark plugs reliably. You then got some unburned fuel into the exhaust system and a combustion event from one of the cylinders then lit the unburned fuel and blew the muffler off. Fix the voltage problem and things should be fine.
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I have been running it at idle for quite awhile with all the lights on and I see the voltage dropping slowly. I will change the alternator and see if that takes care of it.
Thanks for the reply.
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I concur with the replies.

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