86 ford f-350 cuts off when hot


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86 ford f-350 cuts off when hot

I have a 86 F-35O It will start but it cuts off after it has been running a short time. our last trip to home depo (10 mile each way) we got there ok but on the way home it just cut out about 10 times! we just put in a new distributor but no change
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I dont know if you got the TFI unit replaced with the distributor or not.
My first guess would be that it is the coil or the TFI unit

Try to determine if it is no spark or no fuel nex time it happens.
Have some water in a bottle and cool the coil and the TFI module and see if that makes if run a long time
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86ford cuts off

You might try a tip I learned in auto shop. Get a peace of vacuum tubing and rap around a spark plug wire on one end ,the other end near the radio antenna,with the radio on the AM band and set at the low end on the band,not on any station. You should hear a loud popping sound from the spark. Now when driving and the engine cuts out listen if the popping stops the instant you feel that it cuts out. Or does it keep popping as the RPMS are slowing down as it stops. If it stops at the instant it starts to die you may have a spark problem.If it keeps popping as it dies you may have a fuel problem. Good Luck Mike
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Is your engine the 460 with a 4bbl?
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I drive an E-350 cube van at work, and it had an intermittant problem where it would cut out, act like it was out of gas and die. Get it to the station, it would work fine for them, they couldn't figure it out, said it was fixed. Next time I drive it, same thing.

Turned out to be the fuel pump, which was mounted onto the fuel tank. Apparently the bolts had rusted off and it was making intermittant ground contact- running / not running. Needed a new gas tank too. Turned out to be an expensive repair.
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I had a similar problem with my '87 350 van. It ended up needing a new power module. You might want to get yours checked out.


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