RV Wind Deflecters


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Question RV Wind Deflecters

Have any of you guys had any experience with RV wind deflecters? I'm towing a 25' MaxSport TT with a new 2007 F-150 Ford (with the trailer package) that's getting lousy gas milage pulling it. I've seen some pickups pulling 5th wheels using them. I'm at my wits end.

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About 99 % of the big trucks use either the mini cap-top or the full fairings. It makes a lot of difference going into the wind or dead winding it. Keep in mind a wind coming at you from the diagonal is the worst. It creates all the side drag on the truck and trailer.

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Air deflectors must be properly designed

Dinky, While it is true that 99% or more of the trucks on the road have some elaborate wind deflector devices, these devices are designed for the purpose. You will observe that the devices are as close to the trailer as possible that will still allow for motion between tractor and trailer. They even have flexible rubber flaps on the side fairings to prevent trailer damage in tight turns. Studies have shown that a wind deflector positioned several feet in front of a trailer is actually counter-productive, allowing the air to flow back into the space between the deflector and trailer so you are actually pushing this volume of air out of the way twice. In other words, a deflector placed on the cab of a pick up truck would probably be counter-productive and an elaborate wind deflector system that extended from the cab to slightly past the tailgate would be so expensive and create such accessibility problems as to be impractical and would never have a payback. Some tests have shown a very slight improvement using a cab-mounted air deflector with certain 5th wheel trailers, but still, the improvement is so small that there is no payback.

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