Building a camper


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Building a camper

I'd like to try to build a camper for a trip up to Alaska next summer. The most important thing is that it is very well insulated.

Can you suggest what materials I should be looking at using for the walls?

I'd like it to look something like this. When parked, you'll be able to raise the entire roof, and use the bed over the cab.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Hello Carl,

You ask about building an insulated camper but the one in the picture is not insulated.
However, plywood is the easiest to work with and has the greatest strength to weight ratio of most common building materials.

A project like you propose would take a fairly high skill level and if you are unsure of how to do this you may be better off trying to find a used one.
There is often very little in cost savings because of what the material will cost.
The shell alone may not cost too much but if you look into the material that went into the one in the picture windows, siding and interior amenities will cost a lot.

If you are determined to make a camper you might consider making it fixed rather than a pop-up type.

An aquantance built himself a truck camper but had bought a nearly new smaller tow type trailer that had been in an accident and got all the interior goodies and hardware for cheap.

Do you have the one in the picture available to see how it is put together?
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Thanks for your reply there greg. How is the strength to weight ratio of fiberglass, compared to plywood?

Looks like due to my job, I'll have to put this big trip off 'till summer of '09. That's ok, gives me more time to save up

My other option, would an old 1970 truck camper I can get for free. I don't know if it'd be worth fixing it up or not, I know it's not insulated very well, or what condition it's in. It's been sitting outside here in michigan for 20 years.
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Plywood Camper

I'm building a Plywood camper covered in fiberglass. I can share with you some pictures so you have an idea how is done.

I'm also planning to go to Alaka,

you can email me at ***********

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Welcome to our forums Steven!

You are not allowed to put email addresses in posts.
If you want to share pictures you need to post them to a free host like Photo Bucket and provide a link.
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That 1970 camper is likely best left where it is. Units from that era were heavy, wood frame with plywood and aluminum skin, and prone to leaks. Check for stains in the ceiling, delamination in the skin, and frame rot. There also no parts for the obsolete appliances.
Are you planning to build the frame with wood or aluminum? The latter would be a great choice if you have the equipment and skills.

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