Adding Dc Outlet To Vehicle


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Adding Dc Outlet To Vehicle

Found this forum by accident searching for a method to wire an exterior outlet to run a portable air compressor... The compressor has a 30 amp in-line fuse and manu. recommends
direct connection to battery via alligator clips at end of the line cord... Would like to replace the clips with a plug and install the outlet somewhere at the front end of the vehicle... Need suggestions regarding the type of connectors to use... Thanks, BC
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I would use at least 14 gauge wire or 12 gauge for overkill. There's probably a recommendation with the compressor. Put the fuse inline on the wire running to the positive post on the battery.

For connecting to the battery, I would get a pair of regular automotive large eye, crimp on terminals from an auto parts store. Use the type that have the heat shrink casing. I wouldn't use the cheaper aluminum jobs.

Then it's just a matter of mounting your power receptacle wherever it's handy. If you use it a lot and it comes with a good cover you could make it accessible without opening the hood. But if you just use it occasionally I would mount on the fender well to keep it out of the weather. I have one that I run an power box for a TV. I mounted that one under the dash. It really worked well there.

Hope this helps,

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Dc Exterior Outlet

Thanks for your reply... Assume power receptacle can be any waterproof "jem" type back box with receptacle and plug can be standard polarized type... That was my thinking before trying to find specialized terminal devices... In any event, that is what I'm going to do... Thanks again, Bob C.
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My first thought was remote jumper cable set, which could be adapted for your purpose:

Two drawbacks though; the 4 ga wire would be massive overkill and the sets are a bit pricey.

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